Fanatical is a pc gaming platform where you can find lots of games for your computer, whether you use a PC, Mac, or Linux. They have many games that suit different kinds of gamers. whether you enjoy different styles of games. They provide a variety of games to suit different preferences and interests. Fanatical is committed to bringing you the top game deals on the planet. It offers a range of PC game packages, e-books, and e-learning resources.

Fanatical Gaming offers a diverse gaming experience with categories like action, adventure, sports and racing, strategy, role-playing, and simulation, ensuring excitement for every gamer. You can play exciting games all with Fanatical Gaming. Join the adventure to explore exciting gaming experiences in different fantasy genres. Discover Top Fanatical Products with great discounts on eCouponAvails.

Horror Games:

Fanatical provides you the best list of scary games to play with friends. These games are perfect for Halloween or when you simply want an exciting and scary time with your friends. Check out games like Dead Island, The Dark Pictures Anthology series, and Barotrauma in this category. Experience thrilling horror gaming with friends, battling zombies in Dead Island and creepy situations in The Dark Pictures Anthology.

With fanaticism, get ready for an exciting and heart-pounding horror gaming experience with your friends. Play games that are a little bit scary to have a good time and enjoy yourself.

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Games Like Little Nightmares:

If you enjoyed Little Nightmares and want more similar experiences, Fanatical offers a variety of games with impressive graphics and captivating gameplay. The visual quality in these games is excellent, drawing the players into interesting and moody worlds. Games like House, Among the Sleep, and Yomawari: Night Alone provide unique and chilling adventures similar to the tense feeling you get in Little Nightmares.

In these games, you’ll find graphics that make the experience more enjoyable, letting you dive into spooky and mysterious places. For example, in House, there’s a scary feeling that makes you uneasy, similar to the captivating mood in Little Nightmares.

Yomawari Game : Night Alone tells an interesting and frightening story, which makes it an engaging and funny journey. The careful design in graphics and storytelling makes the experience more immersive, making them great picks for fans of Little Nightmares.

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Trail Maker:

In the Trailmakers game, you can choose various machines, such as cars, bikes, trucks, and more, and take them on missions in the sandbox. You can explore the sandy terrain and complete your missions with the machine of your choice in Trailmakers.
Trailmakers has awesome features described below that will make you want to play.

Let Your Imagination Flow

Trailmakers makes gaming fun by letting you build different vehicles using easy-to-use blocks. Whether it’s a car, plane, boat, or something special, there are so many choices. You can try out what you’ve made in rally races or let your creativity go wild in sandbox maps with jumps, half pipes, an aircraft carrier, and other enjoyable challenges.

Adventure and Survival

The game has a big open world with exciting exploration missions and a survival mode called “Stranded in Space,” where you aim to escape the planet. Besides exploring and surviving, you can also join fast rally races, competing with your custom vehicles and aiming for the top spots on the leaderboards.

Play with Friends

Trailmakers has a lively community with lots of ready-made vehicles to try. The game supports four-player multiplayer modes, allowing you to play with friends and enjoy the creative and adventurous world of Trailmakers together.

Winter Mystery Bundle:

The Winter Mystery Bundle is a special fanatical fiesta mystery bundle offer that brings you a collection of exciting games for the winter season. It’s like a surprise gift box filled with over 250 games of various types, carefully chosen to provide you with hours of entertainment.

The bundle includes both popular AAA titles and indie games. Featuring fantastic games like Starfield, Ghostwire: Tokyo, Hi-Fi Rush, Fallout 76, Metro Exodus: Gold Edition, and more. It’s a thrilling and surprising way to enhance your gaming library and make your winter even more enjoyable!


Valkyrie Drive is an exciting game where a strange virus changes young women into strong weapons. It follows the story of Valkyries infected with a unique strain, the VR virus, allowing them to switch roles. On Bhikkhuni Island, Valkyries who have been infected with a virus fight each other to gain control over the virus.

The Valkyrie drive-mermaid game Complete DLC Pack introduces seven unique playable characters, 24 story missions, and customizable dressing room items. Players can explore the Bhikkhuni world, customize characters, and enjoy online multiplayer and storylines.

Games Like Fallout:

If you enjoy games like Fallout, where you explore worlds after disasters, Fanatical has many similar games. One of them is Metro Exodus, taking place in a sad Russia with an exciting story. While navigating a frozen wasteland in Wasteland 3, you can make decisions that impact the game, and Horizon Zero Dawn offers an amazing environment full of robotic animals. These games are available on Fanatical, and each one presents the post-apocalyptic concept in a unique way.

Cassette Beasts:

Cassette Beasts is a cool RPG game where you explore a strange island called New Wirral. You collect monsters using cassette tapes and use them to fight in turn-based battles. What’s fun is that you can turn into these monsters by playing back the cassette tapes!

Cassette Beasts game has a Fusion System, so you can mix two monsters to create new, powerful ones. You need to travel around the island, solve puzzles, and find dungeons using the abilities of the monsters. Plus, you can team up with a friend in multiplayer mode for even more fun adventures on the island. You can get the cassette beasts codes from the ecouponavails.

A Total War Saga: Memnon Thrace

A Total War Saga is an action-packed game by Senran Kagura. In this additional content (DLC), the city of Troy faces a threat, and players get to lead the forces of strong leaders(Memnon Thrace) from their respective regions. The game introduces new soldiers, like Egyptian warriors and warriors from another region, providing fresh battles and strategies.

Players can highlight the power of local deities, bring in armies from different regions, And use clever plans or strategies, Like telling friends to make enemies tired and stop their towers from working. It’s a strategic and engaging addition to the Total War Saga series.


In conclusion, Fanatical has lots of different games for everyone. You can play scary, exciting stories, build games in sand, and enjoy discounts with ecouponavails. Try new games and have fun!

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