Finding stylish and trendy dresses at cheaper prices is a hard task. And when it comes to shopping, it can be frustrating, especially when you are busy with work and studies. Who would go to market when you can shop online?

Yes, you heard it right: if you are scared of the quality of online products, don’t worry; we have listed some affordable and reliable online stores for  Women’s Clothing where you can find everything you need and desire at good prices.


Amazon is one of the most famous and reliable online stores where you can find everything you need. You can also find women’s clothes at affordable prices. You can find dresses from all the famous brands through Amazon.

Moreover, Amazon Prime offers free deliveries for same-day, one-day, and two-day shipping. If you are considering the prices, the prices of women’s clothing on Amazon start from $1.69, which is affordable for everyone.

Nordstrom Rack

It is another option for you for women’s clothing online shopping. This online shopping website has many brands as per your liking and affordability. You can get cheap products at cheap prices starting at $6.74.

You can get straight, plus, and maternity sizes on this website. Also, kids’ sizes are available there to buy dresses for your little girl.


Boohoo is another UK-based store that adds about a hundred new items daily. You can get amazing deals offering up to 50% off. That means you can get amazing clothes at affordable prices.

The reviews of this website are really good and reliable. The prices start only at $4, considering your affordability. Also, they have all the sizes, including straight and all the sizes, so that you can choose according to your needs.


The next online store for women’s clothing on our list is Asos. It has various international and local brands to fulfill all your clothing desires. If it doesn’t fit you, you can exchange it hassle-free.

The prominent feature of this store is the fast delivery. So if you have an event to attend and are confused about where to buy your dress, asos should be your preference. The pricing starts from $7.04 with all the available sizes.


It is part of the same group as that of Zara, which provides you with cool dresses that look very expensive but are not that expensive. Isn’t it great? The prices start from $17, a bit more than the other stores but not too much for the quality they offer.

Also, you don’t need to worry about the sizes as this store has all the sizes of women and men.

Cotton On

Hold on, the list has not ended yet. We have researched to provide you with as many options as possible so you can choose as per your needs and pocket.

Cotton On is a brand that has all the basics. Remember that the prices are higher than the other stores mentioned above. The prices usually start from $20, with all the sizes on the website.

One Loved Babe

Are you bored of those ordinary pieces and looking for something unique? One Loved Babe is an online store with feminine pieces that are different and cool.

As far as the prices are concerned, they start from $75, which is quite expensive. So before buying anything from this website, consider the prices and your budget.


If you struggle to find stylish pieces, the Rebdolls store is for you. It is focused on mid-size and plus-size pieces, which are colorful and trendy so that you can get a lot of compliments.

The trendy dresses start from $17.45. It has straight and sizes dresses ranging from 0-32 and accessories. If you shop for $80, you can get free shipping.


Lulu’s is another store with cheap prices and good quality. The prices start only at $8. The dresses and accessories are usually on sale on this website, so that you can wait for the sale. The sizes are of all ranges.

They have a wide range of trendy and colorful dresses to elevate your wardrobe. Also, you can’t miss their beautiful and cute matching separates, which are trendy and comfortable at the same time.


You must have heard about Mango, a famous international brand that makes modern and stylish attire for you. With Mango, you can wear stylish pieces and elevate your look. The prices start from $12 only.

If you order worth $50, you will get free shipping. Like other brands, they offer all sizes ranging from kids to women. You should go to their official website to check the stuff and deals.


Are you a working woman looking for stylish yet comfortable workwear pieces? Then Express should be your go-to online store. The available sizes include straight, maternity sizes, and all.

The good part of this website is that you get free delivery on orders of $50. Go and check their website for more details.

Promotion Codes

If you want to save money, you can avail of e-coupons and promotion codes to get the desired products at cheaper prices. If you don’t know how to use these codes, visit the e-coupon avails website for all the information.

They not only deal in promotion offers for women’s clothes but also for various other categories. It includes online banking, shoes, clothing, bags, and other accessories. It is super easy if you don’t know how these codes work.

You must note the discount or promotion code and enter the desired box on the website. In this way, you can avail the discount and save your money. What else do you need?


Are you tired of going to markets and still can’t find inexpensive and good stuff? Then you should choose the online stores to find dresses at good prices. You can also avail of promotion codes to save more money.

Amazon, Cotton On, Express, Rebdolls, Asos, Boohoo, and many online stores exist. They offer all sizes, including large sizes, maternity sizes, and more. So what are you waiting for? Go to these websites and check the dresses of your choice.